Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am bumbling through 23 Things right now...I am humbled by how slowly technology sometimes comes for me. Perhaps if I had teenagers in the house, I would pick up things quicker. Reading the newspaper this morning--definitely a Library 1.0 item--I learned that the all-metro girls basketball team has five girls who claim to text message a thousand times a day. Whew! Will they have arthritis at 30? How can anyone's thumbs move that fast? What will the adolescent communication device of choice be in five years? In ten years? The possibilities are mind boggling!

Mavis of Ramsey, trying to reach Library 1.5

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snow Falling and Mavis Failing

Howdy All,

Thursday afternoon in Minnesota and Mavis is trying to add Flickr photos and RSS Feeds. Unfortunately, I did not make any progress on either of these tasks today. Perhaps making mistakes and doing it wrong is one way of learning...perhaps.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Library 2.0

Just like any new version of computer software which comes down the pike, I have some trouble with Library 2.0 and its concepts. The way we provide information, store information and communicate information has changed dramatically in the 30 years I have worked in libraries--and continues to change at a very rapid pace. New technology provides tremendous opportunities, but it my mind, it doesn't always provide neat and easy solutions. At my library, which serves a population above the national average age, I see many seniors scrambling to keep up with the learning curve of e-mail, text-messaging and information provided for them online rather than in print format. Sometimes, posting information online, feels like a copout for the information provider.
Though I understand the concept of social networking providing a "sort" of checks and balances for information on the Web, I continue to find inaccurate, outdated and questionable information from web sources. People used to say, "Just because it is in a book doesn't mean it is true." I might say now, "Just because you can Google the information doesn't mean it is accurate.!" I still feel very strongly that some checks and balances for information accuracy are being lost....Perhaps I still want to be a gatekeeper for information. Perhaps we still need, in some way, shape or form, gatekeepers for information.

Mavis of Ramsey on Wednesday afternoon

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I must be too much old school because the notion of an "avatar" does not sit well with me. Why not pose as myself, not some "made up character." The Yahoo website for avatars felt quite incomplete, with very few choices for people with green eyes, with receeding hairlines, grey hair or with facial hair. I have attended several recent library conferences where library folk speak glowingly of their adventures in cyberland. I'd rather have my adventures in real life--climbing a mountain, paddling down a river with real rapids or interacting with a real library user who has real personality quirks which present real challenges to the library staff. However, after much stumbling and embarassment at asking for help, I finally created an avitar which appears with my blog....now why couldn't my avatar have a calico cat?

Mumbling Mavis of Ramsey

Blogger Down, Blogger Down

Howdy All,

On the 17th of February, I learned that viruses are not just things which show up in computers. A real-life virus pulled me down with a fever, sore throat, and plenty of coughing. Now I am trying to catch up with all my coworkers who are ripping through "23 things..." moving on into the megasphere...megasphere, is that a word?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mavis in the afternoon

Howdy all my hundreds of readers, greetings to my dozens of blog-pals, hello to the one crazy person willing to wade through my blog entry...This afternoon, I have been trying to post a photograph to my blog...sort of give something of my personality to the page. Anyway...I have had no darn luck! More later, when I figure out why...It seems so easy...but....

Howdy Doody's unhappy